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More tweaks on my coil SAS.  18 Jan 04
Had a blast in Moab at ZuZoo VI
  24 May 03

Installed new onboard air compressor  20 Sep 02 
New VNT turbo and header installation  14 Jun 02 

Updated my nerf bar page with text and new pics
  11 Mar 02 
The supercharger installation is done   1 Jan 02 
Final turbocharger notes
     12 Nov 00 
Update on the electric cooling fan   12 Nov 00 

Added a page on my newest exhaust system   26 Jun 00
Added a page on my on-board air compressor
  11 May 00
Added some pics of my nerf bars
  11 May 00
Pics from MoabZu I '98
    25 Jun 99
Pics of my ARB installation   25 Jun 99
Changing the CV boots  11 Jan 99

Turbocharger dyno charts
Pics from MoabZu II '99!!  19 May 99

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About my Amigo.

amigo1_33p.jpg (12954 bytes)I bought my Amigo used in January of 1996 for $8900.  It is a '94 Amigo S 4x4 model and had about 60,000 miles on it, new tires, cracked windshield and a sunroof.  The biggest bonus though, was that it's an Arizona truck so it's extremely rust-free.  Please excuse my ugly mug, but I do like the picture.

r0100273_33p.jpg (5666 bytes)

The picture above is a couple years old now.   I've done some major modifications since then to make it a bit more capable off-road.  At left is a circa '98 picture with the lift and 33s on.



I've modified my Amigo performance wise by doing some of the common performance items including an K&N filter, performance cam, header and 2" exhaust system.  I've also replaced the stock engine driven fan with and electric fan from Flex-A-Lite.  It actually helps quite a bit as it never comes on during normal driving.  Only when I'm doing consistent stop and go driving in the city or when I'm rock crawling.  Currently, I'm working on adding a turbocharger from an '88 Impulse to improve the on-road performance as well.

For offroad use, I've recently done a custom 4" spring-over lift in back and added new upper A-arms from Cal-Mini in front that net me about 3" lift..  New shocks are Rancho 9000s in stock size in front and longer sizes in back using custom mounts on the axle tube and frame. 

For additional ground clearance and to help reduce the 6" of lift the spring-over gave me, I cut off the front spring hangers and fabbed some new ones from " steel plate that hugs the frame where it starts to turn up in front of the rear axle.  These mounts locate the eye bolt of the spring about 2" higher than stock which reduces the lift by about 1" and they are ramped to make it easier to slide over rocks if need be. 

I've also added a 2" body lift which has given me several more benefits than just more wheel clearance.  It has allowed me to:

  1. Raise the fuel tank about 2" for more clearance in back.

  2. Mount the new exhaust system completely above the level of the frame.  Even the tail pipe runs up over the frame between it and the body.  Currently, the tail pipe is just a long piece of flex-pipe.  This is temporary though until I get everything finished underneath and take it into a shop to get a hard pipe bent up.

  3. Mount a 5 gallon air tank up above and in front of the rear differential.

  4. Add an additional crossmember made from 2" square, .250 wall tubing on top of the frame rail above the stock rear crossmember.  The new member serves as the upper mounts for the rear shocks as well as the forward mounts for the new skid plate.


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